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IJRMAS Guidelines for Authors.

International Journal of Research in Medical &Applied Sciences (IJRMAS) is an online and open access, peer reviewed journal. In accordance to this mission, the journal publishes basic and clinical research from all disciplines and research areas related to Medical and Applied Sciences. The journal published six times in a year and the manuscript acceptance rate is approximately 70 to 75%. The JRMAS invite papers from around the world in the field of medical and applied science.

The Authors should submit the paper in prescribed format. The format of the IJRMAS can be download from here: Format

Paper should submit through online: Online paper Submission

All submitted papers are pre reviewed by the THREE experts in their respective areas. Reviewers sent their opinions to editor, editor gives the final decision of accepting or declining the papers to authors based on positive decision of any TWO reviewers. Finally editor will communicated to authors for registration if their paper is accepted, the authors can get the accepted or declined information about their papers within TEN working days. Authors have to send registration form, copy right form along with their final paper in prescribed format if their paper is accepted, after receiving necessary documents from authors the paper along with the soft copy of the certificates will be published within FIVE to TEN working days. IJRMAS provides the certificate to reviewers who spent their valuable time to review IJRMAS papers.

Processing charge - No processing charge for submission of the paper. Publication charge of IJRMAS is Rs. 1500 for Indian author and 40 $ (USD-dollars) for authors of countries other than India. The publication charges are allowed up to 8 pages in the journal format. For more than 8 pages, authors need to pay 200RS or 5$ per extra page.

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